The only reason why Metal Shelf Systems are preferred is due to the fact that they are used more in archiving and storage systems. Institutions and organizations mostly prefer steel rack systems in terms of durability. According to the size of the load and material to be transported, the intervals are determined, the adjustments are made and the production takes place. The price of metal shelf systems is economical in terms of cost and passing through the painting process according to the student leads to the preference list. As a standard, the production is done in gray color. If you want to be painted in a visual way, the Metal Shelf System you requested does not constitute an obstacle for your health as it is baked after painting. Another reason for preference is that in the case of any natural disasters, your documents have reduced the most damage to the future. It is the most preferred among Metal Shelf Systems that it is easy to disassemble and install according to the types of the shelves, storage of all kinds of materials and easy adapting every time.

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Technical İnformation

Carrying Capacity for Steel Shelf Tables
    22 26 31 43 59 75 93
60 0,70mm 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg      
75   85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg 70 Kg      
93   75 Kg 70 Kg 65 Kg 60 Kg      
60 1,00mm     100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg    
75       90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg    
93       85Kg 85 Kg 85Kg    
60 1,20mm     120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg
75       110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
93       105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg 85 Kg
60 1,50mm         130 Kg 125 Kg 120 Kg
75           120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg
93           115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg
Steel Shelf Prices

Since the most practical and convenient shelf prices are steel shelves, many institutions choose metal shelves with open or short shelf systems. This metal shelf system, which saves time and money in terms of easy access to layouts and archives, takes up very little space and leaves you wider areas. Feasibility studies are made in the area to be installed before the shelf is set up, design is planned and production is done. At the same time, heavy duty shelves provide maximum storage space in the warehouse area by creating maximum storage space. Steel raft technology, which is also used as a warehouse shelf system if desired, provides all the facilities in the warehouse and makes it easy to find the sought materials. Depot shelf prices are very economical in terms of cost. Steel shelves produced 100% recycled; it brings satisfaction with the technology that provides stability, workmanship and time saving. Bolted archives and steel shelf systems Do not damage the environment, whatever the number of transactions, do not lose functionality, the usability life is long. Shelf technologies that offer rational solutions to business life, steel racks are among the most preferred types of stacking and ordering.The fact that the cost is economical compared to other rack types, metal shelves are one of the indispensable storage products with the structure that can be easily adapted to hero. Steel shelf is a kind of shelf which is used in kitchens, stores and shops, and circulation of documents is very common in institutions and organizations. The steel shelves that can be used in painting process according to the students are also shelves that can work with visual and life style. Steel shelves, which can be easily adapted to the material to be used, are very useful in terms of width and height dimensions. In addition to providing convenience to the user during transportation processes, it provides a high degree of protection and preservation in the event of natural disasters. In hygienic environments such as kitchens, it does not constitute an obstacle to health because it is passed through baking process even if painting is done. The steel shelves separated in this way from the shelf varieties have the advantage over the products they maintain because they are good in terms of air circulation thanks to the grill. The steel shelves, which are reliable technology for the product with its stainless steel feature, start to be manufactured after the measurements are taken with the feasibility studies on the area to be established.

Steel Shelf Models

The shelf systems used in businesses and workplaces have a very large pre-requisite for storage and safe storage of goods. These shelving systems provide both efficient use of storage spaces and facilities during transport; that is to say, savings from the work force and from time to time. Because of this, bolted archive and steel shelving systems, which will be preferred in the enterprises, will make the right choice for the business owners. The most preferred racks used in enterprises are steel rack systems. It is a material that provides long-term use in the direction of being resistant to steel. The weight to be loaded on the shelves during storage and storage also provides a durable and long-lasting operation, without taking into account. Shelf models produced from steel are produced in gray as standard but can be colored depending on your wishes. Steel shelf models are mostly available in stores for use in archiving systems and areas where paper circulation is high. Thus, we usually see steel in file cabinets and cartoons cabinet models. Steel shelf models consist of shelf profile shelf table and plastic shelf. These plastic base shelves have the purpose of cutting off the contact with the floor to prevent damages such as moisture and water. Steel shelving systems are very economical in addition to their archival and bolt positive features. Among the rack system prices, you can find the most suitable shelves from your steel shelf models for your budget.

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