RafGrup, based in Istanbul, has been producing rack systems since 2011 and satisfying the needs of customers in every sector. We do not operate high quality workmanship and reliable company opening in the wire shelf system sector; is renewing itself every day. RafGrup offers the most modern and quality shelf systems to Istanbul and its surroundings.

Our company, which produces solutions for the needs of every customer, also offers services to our valuable customers with wire shelf models.

Wire Rack Our Work

The experience and knowledge we have gained about shelf systems has shown us that each and every company has different needs. For example, the use of wire shelf systems for beauty centers, bijouterie, hotel and restaurant kitchens is easier and more aesthetic. For companies doing this kind of work, the wire shelf systems ensure that both the products are displayed more easily and the products are not dusted.

We design and manufacture your wire shelf systems with our experienced personnel and quality materials. In this way, you will have both an aesthetic appearance and a most efficient use of your space while stacking your products.

Wire shelf systems are designed so that, if the customer does not have a specific request, the products to be displayed on a rectangular cage can be seen comfortably. Because it does not take up much space in the place to be used, it can be easily used in small shops and shops.  It allows the exhibited products to be seen comfortably by the customers.

It is usually made of stainless steel with metal feet. Thanks to its legs, it can be easily transported to desired places. However, due to the nature of the products to be exhibited in some stores, the wall can also be designed to hang. Wire rack models hanging in the wall can also be easily removed and worn at other places. Wire shelf systems with standard measurements and produced according to these measurements are produced in different sizes if you are not required. This shelf system, which is usually produced with chrome plated, offers you a choice in color selection.

Wire shelf systems can be used in small offices and offices as well as in commercial areas.

You can contact us for the most suitable wire shelf system for you and your needs.