Warehouse Racking Systems

Pallet and heavy load warehouse racking systems: Pallet racks are shelf systems where heavy dutys and tracked materials are regularly stacked. In short, it is called RACK SYSTEM. The systems in pallet and heavy load storage shelves consist of feet and traverses. The feet are fixed and adjusted according to the height of the warehouse. It consists of joining the crossmembers selected according to the weight of the pallets to be placed on them by means of hooked or bolted connectors. The models of this type of pallet and heavy load storage shelf are fully assembled and de-assembled.

Warehouse Racking Systems Technical Information

Shelf foot depth is 105 cm according to standard pallets. The pallets run out of 7.5 cm traverses on both sides in order to make loading and unloading in series and safely. Shelf systems are designed to perform a completely safe loading and unloading of pallets and heavy loads. Feet in dark colors (dark blue, black) are produced in eye-catching colors (yellow, orange). This makes it easier to operate the forklift truck more efficiently and safely. Traverse lengths are usually made 270 cm. 3 80 × 120 or 2 pieces 120 × 120 pallets are placed side by side. For special pallets of 100 × 120, traverse lengths are different. If the pallets are heavy, they can be transported by shortening the crossmember lengths or thickening of the crossmember profiles. The ground connection of the units is made with steel dowel. The system is secured by installing earthquake cross-links. It is a warehouse racking systems suitable for the construction of hanging floor systems. General principles of shelf placement are as follows.

  • Pallet sizes
  • Width between two legs
  • 1 pallet 2 pallet 3 pallet
  • 80 × 120 cm 95 cm 185 cm 270 cm
  • 100 × 120 115 cm 225 cm 335 cm
  • 120 × 120 135 cm 270 cm 395 cm