Handy Pallet Shelves

Rafgrup Company has been exporting more than one successful shelf system in RAF industry for many years. One of the most preferred racks in the world today is the handy pallet shelf, which is a very useful rack system. Thanks to the pallets in this rack system, the loads are stacked very easily. Convenient pallet shelves are generally preferred in warehouses. Loads are transported to vehicles with the help of pallets. These pallet racks are generally used as building materials.

Handy Pallet Shelves
Pallet shelves

These shelves, specially manufactured by Rafgrup, are produced from multiple plastics outside the trees, the main reason for this is to protect the environment while the pallet shelves are made. Especially in Istanbul and its surroundings, the pallet shelves are very easy to use and are among the favorite products in all work places because it occupies minimal space. Pallet shelves are fairly lightweight and are also available in recyclability. For those who want to use it for savings, these pallet shelves are the first option to easily relocate with forklift trucks. These rack systems are among the most practical shelves, which are very useful for loading or unloading.

The dimensions of the handy pallet racks are generally standard according to models, but customers ‘ special orders can be manufactured by Rafgrup in a quality size new pallet shelves in a manner that meets all the needs of this rack model The best way to offer customers by our company.

Advantages of handy pallet shelves

No equipment required for handy pallet shelves. In addition, the pallet shelves have a very high storage capacity, thanks to the pallets being applied on pallet racks, loading is very easy and frequent. With this method, the desired depth is set in the applied blank space, and this method is applied and the name is stacked on the floor.

Convenient pallet racks have several advantages if the advantages of parallel racks can be maintained. Thanks to the parallel shelves, all products are easily accessible. Today, pallet shelves, which are in particular used, have a very common usage. This shelf, which is manufactured by Rafgrup, is not a lie, especially the most commonly used shelves.