Warehousing is a system that enables you to achieve customer satisfaction in the sector in which you operate and to have a quality stock system. The warehouse areas are now based on the maximum settlement plan with minimal measures. Setting up a storage system using less space in terms of cost will give you an advantage in terms of both minimizing company expenses and having more storage space with vertical storage. The ideal shelf system you can use for vertical storage is shelf systems made of galvanized sheet, known as storage shelves. The warehouse shelf system provides you with the advantage of being economical in all rack systems, being useful and being manufactured in different sizes and using the facilities in the best possible way. As Raf Group we produce galvanized warehouse shelves beside different shelf systems and we are doing projecting with our specialist team according to the measurements of your warehouse areas.

Warehouse shelf; medium and light loads, as well as operationally speeding you up. With warehouse shelf systems you can have long-lasting storage areas as well as metering according to warehouse area. By reducing the cost, you can have a quality and healthy stock system. By using galvanized sheet, the warehouse rack provides maximum efficiency by measuring according to load type. In addition, shelves of 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.00 mm thickness can be used to store heavier loads as easily and durably, and you can economically store tonnage products with quality storage. As Raf Group shelf systems, we always provide professional service for you, we offer you a quality service in storage and inventory processing by keeping all rack systems in product range. With regard to the rack system you need, you can check out our product range and get a professional service.