Warehouse Shelf Systems, it is very important that a company's deposit is regular. In this way, the products are easily accessible and the counting of the products becomes easier. As the products can be easily controlled, the quality of the service offered to the customers will also increase.

You can take advantage of a variety of storage rack systems to make your depot more regular. The warehouse shelf system is cleverly designed and helps fit many products even in tight spaces. They also make your products more comfortable. By examining the types of warehouse rack systems, you can determine the most suitable one for you. The warehouse shelf system is basically divided into 4 categories.

one. Light Tank Shelving Systems

Light warehouse rack systems are especially preferred by small businesses and markets. Lightweight shelf systems make it easy to move through the warehouse by creating a corridor where you can comfortably use it in tight spaces. It also makes it easier to reach the products on this count. Lightweight storage rack systems are ideal for storing small and medium volume products.

2nd. Back Sink Depot Shelving Systems

It is used in the storage of large enterprises such as backside storage rack system, building market or hypermarket. Even huge warehouses can still bring regularly with this type of warehouse rack system. The backside shelf shelf system is suitable for use in large areas. They can also be used to transport heavy loads.

3. Archive Shelf Systems

It allows businesses to store files in the repository in a regular manner. Archive shelf systems are extremely functional products. With this kind of shelf systems, you can store files that are important to you in a regular and practical way.

4. Wire Storage Rack Systems

Wire storage systems are often preferred by small businesses. They allow for the storage of lightweight items in an orderly and easily accessible manner. Such rack systems allow businesses with a small warehouse area to use the warehouses most efficiently. In addition, transportation of products becomes easier.

You may have more detailed information about the shelf systems by communicating with our company. Raf Group makes different designs for you to use your warehouse in the most efficient way. The central factory of our company is located in Istanbul. Raf Group provides quality services to Istanbul and its surroundings for a long time.