Warehouse Shelf SystemsToday, the need for storage or protection of businesses or companies has increased the importance of shelf systems. For this to be the case, the right shelf systems are preferred by the enterprises, and they have to choose the storage rack systems according to their needs. At the same time, Istanbul Raf Group has the aim of ensuring that businesses have the right shelf choices with their expert staff.

Overage Storage Systems

Back Sink Depot Shelving Systems

Storage rack systems are the most used by enterprises with a large number of products. At the same time, shelving systems which are suitable for the use of pellet systems, are shelf systems which provide shelter or shelter for shelf storage systems which keep the occupation of the space to a minimum and make transportation easy. They are storage rack systems that advantageously benefit from FIFO operating system such as height, depth, flexibility.

Double Deep Depot Shelving Systems

The dual deck, which resembles back-to-back storage rack systems, is well suited for businesses that have a large quantity of warehouse rack systems. It is a warehouse rack system with a minimum use of space occupation, easy access, automatic storage or protection. It is easy to adapt to working systems such as LIFO-FIFO and the advantages of height, depth and flexibility of warehouse rack systems are also among the advantages. However, additional extension forking mechanisms that would provide storage and protection are required.

Single Pallet Warehouse Shelving Systems

High warehouse shelf systems are used frequently in the transportation, storage and protection of heavy loads. Especially the single pallet storage system which allows the storage or protection of a pallet between two legs allows the storage or protection of the products in pallets such as chests or cages in general. It is also a system that facilitates the preparation of priority orders with the same ease of access, less space occupation.

Warehouse Shelf Systems

Warehouse shelving systems, which can be walked in the corridor, are used to protect or store products with low number of products but high weight. However, the lengths and widths of the products must be the same. The advantage of this system is that the product can be stored in blocks without damage.