The storage rack is a system designed to store the products of the manufacturing factories in the warehouse. It is used in warehouses of hospitals, warehouses of companies that produce paint, storage of institutions that serve in transport sector. The reasons for the use of storage racks, which are a must for many industries, are to stack products regularly, to easily remove them from the place of transportation, to easily access the desired products and to expand the usage areas of small warehouses. The forms of production of warehouse shelves vary according to the area to be used. Steel and ferrous materials are used on the shelves designed especially for products with heavy tonnage. The reason is to design the product in a healthier way and to make the shelf last longer. Warehouse shelf types should be selected according to the area to be used again. Warehouse shelves used in small workshops are manufactured for light or medium loads. At the same time, the types of storage racks vary according to the size of the area. More metal chemistry is used in production. The warehouse shelves, which are very successful in terms of durability, have the property to protect products from external shocks. Racks are produced in classical sizes. Especially the profiles are designed according to the measurements of shelves and holes of the shelves. Although it can be painted in different colors visually, it is the most widely used color grid in the sector. Warehouse shelves should be selected according to their volume size. The rules to be considered in the selection of shelves are the weight of the cargo to be carried, the area of ​​use and the load lengths. Warehouse shelves used in industrial environments and warehouse shelves used in small enterprises are different. For this reason, shelves selected according to the area to be used, provide a more comfortable fit within the warehouse.

The warehouse shelf is manufactured at a price that meets the expectations of every customer. For this purpose, many institutions that attach importance to shelf prefer shelf usage. Storage shelves designed for users can be found in many models and for every purpose. There are industrial shelf systems produced at workplaces and factories for customers who are both aesthetically and comforted


Warehouse shelf systems differ in their ability to adapt to their use and to serve the purpose correctly. Warehouse shelf systems are stainless steel racks used in steel cupboards in store stores, store stores and heavy cargo stores.