Steel Shelf (Bolted)

The reason why steel shelf systems are preferred is due to the fact that maximum savings can be achieved in file archiving, storage shelf systems and usage space. Institutions and organizations prefer more steel shelving systems in terms of durability and safe protection of your products. Ranges are determined according to the archive products, warehouse products and material sizes that it carries. Adjusting the shelf and manufacturing and then assembling.

Steel Shelf Prices

Steel shelf prices are the most economical shelf systems in terms of cost, as well as the process of painting according to demand, the shelf systems to be at the top of the list of choice of models. As standard, these systems are produced in grey color according to the optional custom sizes produced and dyeing, if the steel shelves you requested after painting is baked in terms of health is not a barrier . Another reason for the choice of such durable and quality shelving systems is that it minimizes the damage to your documents and products in any natural disasters that can be lived. Due to the fact that it is bolted according to other shelf system varieties, it can be easily dismantled and installed, the preservation of all kinds of products and materials, easy to adapt to anywhere, to be suitable, the biggest factors in the choice of steel shelves.

These shelf systems that are used in businesses, factories and businesses are of great importance in terms of storing and storing products safely and easily transported. These rack systems ensure efficient use of 100% of the storage areas of the product as well as the conveniences provided during transportation and are very valuable from the work force and time savings. Therefore, making the right choice for models of bolt-on steel shelves which will be preferred in factories, enterprises, institutions, would make business owners profitable.

Steel Shelf (Bolted) Technical Information

Carrying Capacity For Steel Shelf Tables
22 26 31 43 59 75 93
60 0,70mm 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg
75 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg 70 Kg
93 75 Kg 70 Kg 65 Kg 60 Kg
60 1,00mm 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
75 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg
93 85Kg 85 Kg 85Kg
60 1,20mm 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg
75 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
93 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg 85 Kg
60 1,50mm 130 Kg 125 Kg 120 Kg
75 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg
93 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg