Steel Shelf Systems

Since the most practical and convenient shelf prices are steel shelves, many institutions choose models of steel shelf systems with open or closed systems. Saving time for easy access to layouts and archives, these shelving systems also occupy very little space and leave you with wider space. Before the shelf is established, feasibility studies are done in the area to be installed, design is planned and production is passed.

Steel shelf systems also create maximum storage space for businesses, saving the space in the storage area. Steel shelf technology, which is also used as a storage shelf systems, provides all the layout in your warehouse and is able to easily find the required material. Warehouse shelf Prices are also very economical in terms of cost. Steel shelves produced in 100 percent recycled; With its robustness, workmanship and time-saving technology, it brings satisfaction.

Steel Shelf Systems Properties

Steel shelf systems do not damage the environment, no matter the number of transactions, the lifetime of usability is long. Shelf technologies, which offer rational solutions to business life, are the most preferred types of stacking and layout steel shelves. The cost is economical compared to other shelf varieties, with the structure which can be easily adapted to every condition, steel shelf models are becoming one of the indispensable storage products. The steel shelf system is a variety of shelves used in kitchens, stores or shops, which are very dense from institutions and organizations where paperwork is circulating. Steel shelves, which can be passed in the painting process according to the demand, are the shelves that can adapt to our life in the visual sense and work with its durability. Easily adaptable to the material to be used, the steel shelves, width and height are also very useful in terms of dimensions.

In addition to providing convenience to the user in the handling processes, it provides a high degree of protection and preservation in situations such as natural disasters that may occur. In hygienic environments such as kitchens, it does not constitute any obstacle to health as it passes through the baking process even if it is dyeing. The steel shelf systems, which are separated from the shelf varieties, are good for the air circulation because of its grillation, which brings a lot of durability to the products it maintains. Steel shelves, which is a reliable technology for the product with its stainless feature, will start production after measurements have been taken with the feasibility studies to the area to be installed.

Steel Shelf Systems Technical Information

Carrying Capacity For Steel Shelf Systems Tables
22 26 31 43 59 75 93
60 0,70mm 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg
75 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg 70 Kg
93 75 Kg 70 Kg 65 Kg 60 Kg
60 1,00mm 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
75 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg
93 85Kg 85 Kg 85Kg
60 1,20mm 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg
75 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
93 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg 85 Kg
60 1,50mm 130 Kg 125 Kg 120 Kg
75 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg
93 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg