The most preferred steel shelf systems in the rack systems are very easy to use due to low cost and practical installation. These reasons are among the most preferred reasons. Especially Istanbul Raf Group is advantageous because steel shelf systems offer very different color options according to the student. Moreover, after the desired painting process is performed, the firing process is also provided, thus eliminating the negative aspect of the steel shelf systems. Businesses are increasingly demanding steel shelves as the capacity requirements of large companies’ own products increase. It is very important for the preservation and preservation of the products. It is one of the biggest advantages of steel shelves to provide free space in terms of facilitating efficient use and ease of transportation. At the same time, the steel shelves provide a return on investment in the short term with the right preference of the enterprises, which can save the labor force performance and the time savings.

Bolted Archive Steel Shelving Systems

One of the steel shelf systems, bolted archive steel shelves are known by different names such as file shelves, folder shelves, steel shelves. It is often preferred in warehouses or offices. The archives are resistant to deformation with their feet supported by four bolt nuts on the shelf. In addition, it is necessary to make connection with the wall in order to be sure. Connections can be made via L profiles and dubels. At the same time, bolted archive shelves are secured to each other by means of upper connection points. However, it should not be forgotten that steel racks with bolts should have loads up to 100 kg. Because if more than 100 kilograms of products are to be placed, the steel plates will bend and twist after a point. The same thing will be the case if the steel shelf systems with bolts are also pressed with a foot.

Stainless Steel Shelving Systems

Shelf systems consisting of 201 quality and 304 quality stainless steel. Stainless steel shelf systems with a glossy surface are subjected to electropolishing in order to avoid rusting. It is also preferred for stainless steel shelves if it can be used in cold weather storage. 304 quality stainless steel shelves are preferred. Stainless steel racks are produced in wire or tray form. This changes more according to the student.