Steel shelf systems are the most widely used systems in the industry. Steel shelf prices also vary according to the area to be used, the tonnage to be carried and the quality of the material used in the production of the shelf. Steel shelves are mostly used in industrial and heavy workshops. For this reason, the price is slightly more expensive than other rack systems. Another factor affecting the price of steel shelves is the installation type. For example, steel shelves can be bolted or welded. These two types of mounting style also affect the price of steel shelves. For example, if the steels used in the production of the shelf have stainless characteristics, the price of the product will also increase. Steel shelves are used for storage of heavy tonnage loads and stacking of metal materials. Although it is produced in classical dimensions, it is mentioned in special productions according to large storage. Steel shelf prices vary from firm to firm. Many companies need to reduce their products in terms of customer satisfaction in order to increase their sales. At the same time, one of the most expensive models in the shelf sector is the rails made of steel. The cause is due to the fact that the steel is stronger, it is resistant to heavy loads, it is reliable and rustproof, it is long life and it is easily used in all kinds of environment. Steel shelves are especially used for archive operations. In industrial areas, companies that need to stock parts also use steel shelf systems. These products, which are made of steel, vary in size and thickness depending on their usage patterns and the volume of warehouse areas. These changes also affect steel shelf prices. Especially the shelves made of stainless steel are used in the health sector. For this reason, their prices also vary according to the area they serve. Another factor that enables steel shelves to change is the tables. The quality of the tables also increases the prices of the steel shelf systems considerably. The most important point is to calculate the volume of the warehouses used for steel shelf systems. This is done by a team of experts and price analyzes are calculated according to the results.

As a result, there are many options that affect steel shelf prices. Many companies supply all the information about steel shelf systems in internet sites and offices in order to provide quality service to their customers. Steel prices range from 100 to 1000 Turkish liras. Of course, this price is increasing depending on the size of the area to be installed.