To have a professional and healthy storage area, you should choose steel shelf systems and store the products in the right way. Steel shelf systems; it has become an economical shelf system because of the high strength, durability and longevity of the material used. In addition, the installation of steel shelf systems is a system that can be shaped according to your needs and gives you an advantage by varying the shelf height requirements. Shelf The steel shelf systems we offer you to solve and meet your needs correctly are shelf systems that are very practical to install as well as long life. It has a shelf of 0.70 mm thick, shelves with a thickness of 1.50 mm, and the presence of plastic shoe pads on top of the foot indicates that the strength and strength are high. With steel shelf systems manufactured using galvanized steel, you can have the professional storage areas you need and you can show the difference as a company.

Steel shelf systems have become the most preferred shelf systems in all sectors today. The shelf height is adjustable, you can add as many shelves as you like, and it is highly desirable to be an economical solution for shelf systems. The most preferred steel shelf systems in all the storage systems in Istanbul are a system that can be installed in all volumes and offer you the most storage space without leaving dead space in your warehouse area. Each shelf can carry a maximum of 65 kg in steel shelf systems with a shelf weight capacity of 65 kg and this weight can be increased when installed as a combined shelf system. Raf Grup is presenting you steel shelf systems that you can choose in a short time because of its practical installation, economical shelf system and because you need to meet your needs.