Steel shelving systems, one of the light and medium load storage systems, have become a highly preferred shelving system due to their robustness, durability and aesthetically appealing appearance. Raf Group is a system that is easy to install, disassemble and disassemble steel shelf systems that we produce in order to provide customer satisfaction in the best way and solve your customer needs with long term solutions. Shelf steel systems are produced according to the standard dimensions of 0.70 mm thick shelves, 1,50 mm standups and maximum 65 kg transport capacity. The steel shelves that can be produced in any color you want can also be installed according to the shelf space as you like with other shelf systems. Steel shelves that you can convert your warehouse volume into stock area or archive area by calculating according to your needs and products with strength and strength properties will serve you for many years.

Steel shelf systems are systems that can be used as storage, stock area, archive area and display area, which are very economical compared to other products and which give you advantages with short time installation feature. You can store your products in steel shelving systems with peace of mind as quality and long life shelving systems that we offer you as shelf group also provide product or accessory security at the same time. A steel shelf system consisting of 6 rafts installed according to standard sizes can carry a maximum weight of 390 kg. If the rack system is assembled side by side, this weight can reach up to 500 kg. When the shelf thickness is increased in the combined steel shelf systems, the carrying capacity is also increasing. With proper planning and an accurate warehouse shelf system, you can protect your products in a way that will last a long time, and you can contribute to your budget by keeping costs at a minimum.