Manufacturers of steel shelves are defined as steel racks manufactured from steel materials. In particular, it is frequently needed in industrial activity areas. At the same time, it is possible to observe that the sales department of any store is also made of steel-grade rails. This fact shows how wide the shelf model is. The main logic is; the weight of the load to be placed on the shelf and other qualities. If the product or products are included in the “heavy” group and are usually in “metal” construction, the most accurate shelf model that can be preferred for purposes such as stacking, selling, storing, or simply exhibiting such products; steel shelf model.

RafGrup, the reliable steel rack manufacturer you can find in Istanbul, takes your field of activity and offers a steel shelf solution to meet your expectations. In this way, it is possible to sustain your business efficiently in the long run.

What areas of steel shelf do you want?

Just as it is impossible for us to make any limitations on the areas of use of the shelf models in which the wood material is intensive, it would not be right to make any restrictions on the areas where shelf models made of steel material may be preferred. As a matter of fact, this material is very strong. As a steel shelf manufacturer, the “robustness” expectation is ideal for our high-end customers.

As a steel shelf manufacturer we have completed many successful projects throughout Istanbul. Steel shelves are the best choice when more high strength is needed, such as variable ambient conditions, heavy damp areas, industrial activity areas, heavy loads up to hundreds of kilos, stacking of objects made of metal materials.

RafGrup, the most affordable steel rack manufacturer in Istanbul

When you do a small research in the direction of steel rack manufacturer in Istanbul, it is possible to find prices. This is a good method when you want to compare with other companies. Because we trust in our offer that we will offer you. Moreover, we do not compromise on quality. As a steel rack manufacturer, RafGrup has been providing satisfaction oriented solutions for many different small, medium and large sized enterprises throughout Istanbul up to now. Please contact us so we can offer you the best price.