What are Stainless Shelf Systems? In answer to question; Stainless steel, which is the main material of many designs, is used by companies providing production services. The steels which depend on the source of creativity and inspiration are used in various models and products. The reasons for the use of stainless steels are that they are durable, they are not affected by environmental factors, they are suitable for all kinds of designs, they have a wide range of colors, aesthetic appearance and quality. Especially the special products in the projects are designed from stainless steel. It is also used in shelf systems and is one step ahead of other materials in terms of its advantages. The stainless steel feature of the steel was found in 1913 by a British metal engineer. The engineer brought carbon mixtures together and proved that the steels were stainless. Within rack systems, stainless shelf systems with the easiest and fastest installation are extremely resistant to oxidation. Also, there are no unwanted situations such as fading and pale in colors.

In stainless steel shelf systems, there are no problems such as decay and wear. The greatest advantage of these systems is that they are easy to clean and are resistant to various chemical types. Thanks to these features, it is widely used in pharmacies and healthcare institutions. The steels used in stainless steel shelf systems have the ability to bend or work up to 90 degrees without breaking. For this reason, it is also used in areas where the pleated and aesthetic appearance is kept on the front panel. Another feature of stainless steels is resistance to high temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Another reason to use it in the production of shelves is to be able to adapt to economic and any kind of environment easily. Because of the high hardness level of stainless steel materials, it extends the life of the coatings and prevents the deterioration of the structure of the product, such as deformation. Stainless shelf systems also have great benefits in terms of cost. There is also financial support from the firm that uses stainless shelf systems, as well as the need for maintenance and the need to paint again in the short run.

The most frequently used areas of the stainless steel shelf system are offices where health and hygiene are held on the front panel. Iron, the point of contact with air, has a problem of corrosion over time. This rusting causes the generation of bacteria on iron.