The stainless shelf wants to receive shelf systems specific to their own space in line with their capacity needs. However, one of the major problems of large warehouses as a space is the problem of ventilation. Compression of the products required to be stored and protected in terms of high level of utility to the area, the ventilation system is desperate if the area is filled almost to the ceiling. No matter how much the ventilation system will be, it will not cure. Because the products are piled up so that there is not a proper empty space in the field. For this reason, it is possible that the objects in the area are corroded because no air flow is provided. It has come to light that even the narrow corridor shelf systems do not work, leaving the corridors to be tiny to provide minimum benefit from the fields. In this case grilled stainless shelf systems are emerging.

What is Stainless Shelf?

As Istanbul Raf Group, it proposes a stainless shelf system in order to meet the needs of the areas such as warehouses. Whatever shelf system is used in the fields, the grill stainless shelf system provides all kinds of ease of operation or drying. Thanks to the stainless shelf system, the ventilation requirements of the areas are eliminated. It also provides easy access to products with stainless steel rafts. In addition, the grill stainless shelf system provides air flow, preventing the accumulation of dust on the products. Grid is an important feature that stainless shelves are made of metal and shelves do not have any scratches and that the corrosion of the shelf does not occur as time goes on.

Stainless shelf surfaces are very durable and therefore this feature is more attractive to the buyer. Stainless shelves are also characterized by their hard and durable construction, which is useful in cold areas or in damp and wet areas. At the same time, according to the student, powder paints are used which give color on the stainless shelves which are also produced in different colors. The color change process is also electrostatically dyed at 200 ° C. Thus, there is no negative threat to health. With all these operations, stainless steel shelves are designed with different colors not only in storage but also in offices and in the house. It is also an ideal system for file archiving.