Today, in order to consolidate your position in the globalizing trade life, to be one step ahead of your competitors and to be a company that is ahead of the industry, you need a quality processing system that works flawlessly. For a perfectly functioning storage system you have to choose the warehouse systems professionally and use the storage area as a storage area for maximum efficiency.  As the warehouse systems have a wide range of products, using the storage system according to the sector and product type you are operating will give you an advantage in terms of economy and operation. Warehouse rack systems provide you with a professional storage system as well as more product storage with rack systems. A professional storage and stocking system will make you a leading company in the sector and help you to provide a quality service to your customers. As RafGrup we produce all your rack systems by determining your needs and we propose and propose the shelf system which will give you the most advantageous and maximum efficiency by examining your storage areas.

Warehouse shelf systems; It provides a warehouse and inventory system that allows your products to be stored for a very long time without being damaged, as well as provides regular operation and economical savings on loading and unloading. The warehouse shelf systems that enable you to economize and save labor by providing ease of operation are made from galvanized sheet and steel materials with different thicknesses for light loads, medium loads, medium and heavy loads. You can make additional shelves that you want with the racks placed on the upright support feet, allowing you to control every space and use it as a storage space without leaving dead space. As RaGrup, we offer quality and perfect service to our professional team members and our wide range of products.