Shelf types

Shelf typesThere are many shelf types currently being produced. Rafgrup, which gives years to this sector, is one of the high quality firms producing these types of shelves. This team, which has been working in the daytime for about 10 years, has signed a very successful business. Nowadays the most common shelf varieties are undoubtedly storage shelves. The warehouse shelves have become a product of almost everyone in the stores today, in markets, in stores, in short, for those who want to save space and have difficulties in regulating freight. During the past days, this raf cesidine has shown a great interest in widespread industrial establishments which are increasing especially in the surroundings of Istanbul.

Shelf types are preferred in order to save space not only for storing, or to create aesthetic pleasure. In addition to the warehouse shelf model, today’s most widely used rack systems are

There are many different types of models in many areas such as stainless shelves, metal shelves, storage shelves, industrial shelves, and shelves which are preferred for decoration of pallet shelves. In order to have these models, you need to go to a competent person to decide on a shelving system that is right for you. If you have any questions in this regard, you can find answers to all the questions in your mind by visiting our RafGrup company.

Advantages of shelf Types

Shelf varieties have become very useful nowadays in editing and similar areas. Especially in large areas, these shelf systems which offer facilities such as space saving goods arrangement and transportation are produced by Raf Group company with high quality and presented to customers.

RafGrup, which has been in the industry for 8 years, always continues to produce its products in that direction by saying better, customer satisfaction. Today, there are many customers who prefer this company. So in short, if you need a kind of shelf, the first address will be RafGrup firm.

Among the shelf types which are carefully manufactured by Rafgrup company are the most noticeable stainless shelves of our reputation. The reason these shelves are so important is that it is preferable in health areas and that the hygienic feature is higher, especially when hospitals in pharmacies do not cause moisture/moisture and similar conditions, no problem Without a problem.