shelf systemsAs RafGrup, we serve our valuable customers in the shelf systems sector in many shelf systems around Istanbul since 2008 with our innovative and modern vision.

Experienced and experienced engineers and technicians working in the RafGrup are constantly improving themselves and their equipment; warehouses, markets, stores, factories, etc., the shelf system is in need of reliable and high quality service.

It can be designed according to every sector and every necessity of the shelf systems we produce based in Istanbul. You can also familiarize yourself with our shelf systems below.

Shelf Systems;

Warehouse Shelf Systems (Heavy Duty Pallet)

It is a shelf system designed for storage of products that are heavier than pallet rack systems. The measurements of heavy-duty pallet systems can be modified according to the measurements of the product that the firm wants to store.

Shelf Systems (Light and Medium Load)

It is suitable for storage of every product that can be carried by hand by light and medium load shelf systems. Especially thanks to this shelf system preferred by supermarkets, logistics companies, spare parts manufacturers; it is easy to stack and record small and medium sized items. It is easier to find the product searched on this vantage point.

Steel Shelf (with Bolt)

Steel shelf (bolt) shelf systems are among the most preferred shelf systems by the institutions and firms. The reason for this is that the storage area is too large and it is easy to dismantle. As RafGrup company, we do not use any harmful substances in the production of our steel shelf (bolt) model as it is in the production of all our models. Our steel shelf (bolt) model is usually produced in gray color and can be made in different colors if you do not want it. The dimensions of the shelf can be adjusted according to your wishes. In addition, one of the most important features of this shelf system is that the racks can easily be dismantled and transported at any time in case of any moving.

Rail Shelf Systems (Compact)

Rack systems (compact) are among the shelf systems preferred by corporations and companies that want to save space and do not want to dust the goods. One of the most important features of this shelf model is that the rate of impact of any fire and water pressure on the goods placed in it is less than that of other shelf system. Moreover, since these rack systems are hidden mechanisms; Mekana adds an aesthetic appeal.

Clothes Hanger Systems

Clothes hanging rack systems are among the preferences of companies which mainly produce and sell textile garments. This rack system makes it easy for you to use it in different places because the clothes hanging rack systems are easy to assemble and disassemble. It allows products that require hanging, such as clothes, shirts, coats, to be stacked without wrinkles and deformation. You can use this shelf system as if you want to hang it completely or you can stack products that ask for ironing like sweatshirts, tracksuits, etc. by making shelf eyes in the same system.

Stainless Shelf Systems

Stainless shelf systems are especially preferred by companies serving in the food and health sector. We produce as RafGrup company based in Istanbul; we produce stainless steel shelf system from 304 INOX stainless steel material.

There is absolutely no oxidation or corrosion in our stainless steel shelf system. Another feature of these rack systems is that they are easy to install and can be projected according to the desired location. In addition, these rack systems can be used in sloping areas because of the adjustable feet on their feet.