Shelf Systems Models

Shelf systems models, with the advancement of technology, many new product types emerged. In addition, pre-existing products have also gained new features and thus become more functional.

Models of Shelf Systems
Shelf Systems

Shelves are also among the products whose functional properties are increasing. Thanks to the shelf system, it has become easier to place the products and reach the products. Many firms are turning to smart shelf systems like this, leaving old style shelves.

Shelf systems have many types. You can learn which of the shelf system variants will be more suitable for the shelves by communicating with our company.

What are rack systems models?

Rack Systems models feature many functional features. With the rack system you can make the most of the space you use for storage. This makes it possible to fit a large number of products even in small areas.

Depending on the type of cargo to be transported, various shelf systems have emerged. These types of shelves facilitate product placement and product downloading. RafGrup offers you the most intelligent solution for your storage problem at affordable prices.

We can generally examine shelf systems under 3 basic headings.

one. Steel Shelving Systems

The amount of load carried by these types of steel shelving systems varies according to the plate thickness. They generally have a carrying capacity of 60-100 pounds. Feet consists of L profession. Tables are made of DKP hair material. The holes on the feet and the holes on the side of the steel shelf boards are joined together with bolts and nuts. The products are manufactured using high quality steel.

2nd. Light Shelf Systems

They are usually used to transport light loads. Each of the light shelf systems can carry loads up to 350 kg. The feet consist of a box prof. The legs on the foot part are connected to the legs by mounting the sleepers. The tables are placed on or inside the sleeper to increase the strength of the shelf.

3. Heavy Shelf Systems

It is a specially manufactured system to transport heavy loads. With these types of rack systems, you can easily carry very heavy products even with the models. Each rack can carry loads between 1000 and 2000 tons. Heavy shelf systems also bend the feet in the hair. The type of crosses depends on the weight of the cargo.