There are very different custodial protection requirements for different businesses, institutions and job opportunities. In order to meet these requirements properly, it is necessary to choose the right rack system. The growing needs of businesses and institutions as well as the increasing capacity requirements for storing and protecting their products are increasing. For this reason, the point to consider is the rails. Almost all businesses prefer shelves that are economically cheap. However, if short-term saves the day in terms of these shelves, long-term unfortunately causes serious economic loss on behalf of the company or enterprise.

Why is Shelf System Important?

What is needed to build a shelf system, what is the prospect, why is the right shelf system important, questions such as shelf system prices are out of the question. There are many answers to these questions. However, Istanbul RafGrup assists such basic questions to make correct decisions with the right answers based on the requirements of the company’s own current potential and future. The operator or company needs to determine their own needs and requirements. The answer to the question of why and why the rack system should be installed should be determined. For example, warehouses, markets, shops, construction markets, such as businesses or companies can set up very different shelves for their own products.

As an example, back-to-back shelves are used extensively to store and protect items in a dumpster. It is even a fair choice for companies that are using inventory valuation techniques. In particular, narrow corridor shelf system is the most accurate shelf according to high storage requirement in narrow areas. The important thing is to determine the need. Shelves should be preferred according to your needs.

Another important point is the quality of the shelf and the quality of the used car when it is assembled. In fact, the quality of the equipment used in priority is a point that must be taken into consideration. Heavy and large-sized items to protect or store both shelves and products used in order to avoid damage is important. In addition, very durable and quality shelves can be quite unnecessary in the hiding and preservation of light and small products.


Businesses need to learn the points that they need to pay attention with the help of an expert in order to get the shelves according to their needs. Shelves prepared without specialist help ensure that financial damages are avoided if the dimensions are unnecessarily large or provide a wrong and inadequate shelf system for the cheapness and material losses in the long run.