Rack prices vary according to the area to be used. When the price analysis of the shelves is carried out, it should be based on which area, how much load it will carry and the type of load it will carry. One of the reasons for the change of shelf prices is the quality of materials used in production. Racks are produced using various materials. These materials are iron, wood and metals. Another factor that increases or decreases prices is labor. For example, the price of shelves made of wood is slightly higher. The reason is the patterns made on the wooden material. Rack prices also vary among firms that are marketed. Discounts arising from competition environment are realized by companies that sell shelves. Another reason for changing shelf prices is the size and length of the shelf. As the volume of the shelf increases, the price also increases. To give a more concrete example of shelf prices, decorative wall shelves with a size of 50 cm, 40 cm and 30 cm, which are in a set of 3, range in price from 30 – 100 Turkish Liras. The reason for this change is due to the length and length of the shelves. The price of wall shelves, which are made by Maestro, varies from firm to firm. Another example is a rack system made from steel material. The price of these rack systems also varies depending on the thickness of the steel and the stainless steel. The price of the steel shelf system with 31×93 measurements ranges from 100 to 400 Turkish liras. This price is given for the steel shelf systems used for the light shelf storage shelf. For example, if the measurements of the steel shelf systems given are 93 centimeters in width, 31 centimeters in depth and 100 centimeters in height. You can use steel shelving systems in the long run for 300 TL and easily install them. The shelf prices range from 30 Turkish liras to 4000 Turkish Liras. Of course, as storage space expands, shelf prices increase.

When the shelf prices are determined, the shelf accounts made are also influential. In particular, warehouses that are above a certain square meter should be made shelf account and shelf should be ordered according to the results. Rack prices also vary according to the campaigns the companies have made. As a result, all factors affecting shelf prices must be pre-calculated and price analysis done accordingly.