The diversity of models is very important among companies that produce shelves. As Raf Grup, we offer shelf models choices that are not combined in one spot but are beautiful, distinctive and assertive. These models, which are produced on the basis of adopting different material qualities, attract the attention of our customers too. Models that are so ambitious enough to make a difference inside the warehouse are renewed every year.

Particularly in Istanbul and outside Istanbul, shelf models that offer great looks are sold. Models with easy connection systems are based on TSE and European E1 quality. The Raf Grup provides you with products that meet customer expectations. Besides the high standard quality, the coating material of the products is very important. Models produced by utilizing the last system technology’s yields provide easy and fun installation. The coating quality is stainless and sun-resistant material. We can provide models with different visual structures in Raf Grup guarantee.

Shelf sizes are specially designed for every customer request. Shelf systems known for their sturdiness and naturalness are especially preferred in Istanbul. The shelf models, which are easy to install, provide you with a much more comfortable atmosphere inside the space. Raf Grup offers shelf models at the store stand. This makes it easier to select customers. The ergonomic design of the decorative shelf, fabric shelf, steel shelf, heavy shelf or light shelf, made from much thicker material, is the design of the ergonomic design. In this sense we are making rustic and selling to every region of Istanbul.

Raf Gup, which supplies products for companies operating in different sectors, will never regret you. Fast and accurate rack models are the right fit for your production. You can also get much more information from the company authorities for shelf models without any harm to health and surroundings.