shelf modelsAs the needs of businesses or companies to store and protect their products increase, the need for rack systems increases. Especially, what kind of shelf models are needed according to the specifications of their products and what purpose the companies or companies need for the shelf models in order to choose the right shelf models. Especially in Istanbul RafGrup, it offers the most suitable shelf models according to the student for shelf models.

Rubber Rack Models

They are among the shelf models that provide ease of use in stocking and preserving products of medium or small size. With the ease of manual access, this area is among the most preferred rack models. According to the student, it is prepared in the desired dimensions and used in a regular manner. It allows you to do all the operations manually instead of automatic stacking or evacuation situations. No stocking mechanism or stacking tool is used.

Fabric Shelf Model

These shelf models, which are mostly used in apparel and textile enterprises, are ideal shelving systems for the storage and protection of roll-shaped fabrics. These shelf models are a system that is formed in the form of tables on top of each other with traverses placed on the feet. Possibility to make metal and wood carving. There is a saving feature in terms of space occupation and time. In situations where human power is not enough, one of the trucks can be engaged to lift fabric rolls.

Colli Loaded Transmission System Rack Model

In this rack model, small or medium sized boxes are one of the ideal shelf models for storing and protecting products. It provides stocking of all kinds of products which are easy to reach by hand. These shelves are produced according to the specifications of the product and they are convenient and orderly.

Clothes Hanger Shelf Model

In this shelf model, it is also a shelf system which is ideal for hiding and protecting products like trousers, jackets, shirts in textile and apparel products. Again with less space occupation, time saving provides convenience in terms of usage. Especially for the reason that it is portable, these shelf models are one of the things to consider when choosing an extra operation during the installation phase.