rack footThe RafGrup company, which reached the shelf sector successfully in the shelf foot models, has not been the best since the day it started producing shelf systems in Istanbul in 2011. We are rightfully proud of the shelf systems, the preference of all companies that attach importance to quality and aesthetics.

As a company we work with great care and diligence for every shelf system requested from us. The quality and the aesthetics of the material used in the production of shelves is very important for us. Our company, based in Istanbul, follows all innovations and latest technologies related to shelf systems and works with dedication to provide the best products to our valued customers.

All of our employees working in our RafGrup company are aware of the work they are doing; 100% focused on customer satisfaction.  Our architects and engineers working in our company are experts and experienced in their field.

As RafGrup, we are always in front of our customers in pre-sales, after sales and project stages. We always support the supply of spare parts for every product we sell. Our company is not only required for rack systems but also for the installation of shelves; You can also supply spare parts such as rack feet, bolts, nuts.

How should a good Rack Foot be?

The most important feature for shelf foot is; quality. If the material from which the foot is produced is metal; stainless steel, wood or plastic; it must be produced from a quality raw material.
Shelf foot cleaning should be easy and stain-resistant. It can be cleaned without the need for any chemistry.
Shelf foot should have an aesthetic appearance. The place to be built must be capable of adapting to the decoration of the space.
In addition to all these features, of course, the wall must be mounted so that it can hold the shelf it will carry.

As RafGrup company, we can supply all products related to shelf systems in order to meet all the demands of our customers; We are producing by our experienced personnel in our factory in Istanbul with the latest technology. While producing our products, we make our products subjected to various tests at every stage from raw material selection to installation. The purpose of all these tests is; the branding of the rack systems we produce and the better service for you. All of the raw materials used in our shelf systems are inseparable from human health.