What is Shelf? answer to the question; It is a technological product that is used in houses, schools, work places, in short, everywhere and enables the products to be stored in a stable manner. It is widely used especially in industry and small workshops. Retail service companies, materials manufacturing companies and warehousing sectors are used in every need. Shelf systems are the means of preserving the products, keeping them in order and reducing the storage costs. Shelf systems will increase the profit from the product and reduce the area covered by the same product. If the space used for storage is inadequate and small, the expansion of the area used and the more efficient use are provided by the shelf systems. The shelf systems ensure that the products are completed and stored in a regular manner, that the products are protected from environmental factors and that the products are easily accessible during transportation. It also benefits from shelf systems to create suitable conditions within the storage area. Storing products with rapid stock movement, ie storage near the doors of the warehouses where continuous entry and exit operations are carried out, placing the products with large volumes at the shortest distance, reducing the time and labor required for transportation are other advantages of the rack systems.

Types of Shelf Systems

Warehouse shelf systems vary according to the area of ​​use, the size of the depot to be used, the weight of the cargo planned and the materials used in the production of the shelf. Models such as heavy duty shelves, archive shelves, cabinet style shelves, backside shelf systems, suspended floor shelf systems, shuttle depot shelf systems and double depth depot shelf systems are the most widely used types of shelf systems in the industry. The reason for using warehouse rack systems is that they are longevity, facilitate storage and are resistant to crushing. At the same time, the shelves produced from quality materials are resistant to corrosion. Do not say again; if required, the warehouse rack systems vary according to the load they are carrying. As a concrete example; These are heavy load shelves, light load shelves, heavy-medium load shelves and simple load shelves.

Another feature of shelves is that they provide logistical support for storage systems and areas of use. Due to the appropriately designed projects, the reasons for the use of the shelf systems can be further extended and the shelves fixed by paying attention to the installation rules can be used in the long run.