Istanbul is a city where there are many competitions in the arena, and there is competition among the rack companies. Companies offering the best solution in this area have a better chance. As RafGrup, we believe that we offer the best solution in many respects to the rack systems that our customers need. Thus; we have a service understanding that focuses on pricing, quality and satisfaction criteria. But of course, that’s not the only detail that makes us different and successful. As a matter of fact, the team in our company is composed of experts in the field. This, too, Whether you are talking about a small project or a large project, it means that the project will be completed in a short time, smoothly and cleanly.

RafGrup, which has achieved many successful projects in Istanbul, aims to be “the best” in its field and we think that it is possible to achieve this by winning the satisfaction of each and every customer who prefer us in the long run.

What kind of solutions does RafGroup offer you?

RafGrup offers a wide range of field rack solutions for your RafGrup mind.

According to this;

  • All kinds; manufacturing of shelves, storage, manufacturing, industrial and similar fields
  • Decorative shelf systems
  • Shelving systems for light, medium and heavy loads
  • Manufacture of metal, steel, ferrous and stainless steel shelf
  • Pallet shelf manufacturing
  • Logistics, pharmaceutical industry, factory, transportation rack systems
  • Shelf solutions for archive units

It will suffice to indicate to us in which field and which type of load the rack system you need is to be used.

Istanbul Raf Companies Raf Manufacturing Prices

One of the most important reasons for you to choose our company amongst Istanbul Rack companies is that we offer very reasonable offers on prices, but this does not mean that we are compromising our quality. On the contrary, we guarantee that many shelf systems manufactured from high material quality alloy will be durable for many years. What we do is just to lower the profit margin slightly. Such an attitude, especially in the “institutional” nature of large-scale enterprises, makes a big difference in projecting large-scale rack systems. It is enough for you to communicate for the best pricing solution.