Storage racks are a shelf system that is very heavy in weight and can be stored and preserved for features in the form of pallets of the product type. Warehouse shelves are mostly formed as foot and horizontal records. For the feet to be known, the properties of the depot, the height must be determined. According to the weights of the products to be put on top of this, horizontal records must be made of bolted or hooked connectors. İstanbul Raf Group has warehouse shelves for installation and disassembly of such pallet products. It is aimed at ensuring that enterprises have the right store shelves preference with their expert staff.

According to settlements, warehouse shelves have a load carrying capacity of up to 100 kilos, which is preferred for carrying, storing and protecting easy products such as files. Especially the depths, widths, profiles, the structural thickness and fineness of the tables are the factors affecting the product carrying volume.

Shelves According to Settlements

Warehouse shelves differ according to the place to be installed, according to the product to be stored, stored, protected and transported. These differences are as follows;

Backrest Retread System; The back-to-back shelf system, which is the most used and economically cheap in warehouse shelves, has a lot of usage area. The most preferred system for the use of palletized products is back-to-back shelf systems. In warehouse shelves, each pallet can be easily placed and removed independently of each other. There is a system that supports the FIFO system.

Two Depth Rack System; Two-deep rack systems are similar to the back-to-back rack system in warehouse racks. Extension mechanism of the trucks is attached to the stocking of the products. It is then easier to reach the palletised product of the pallet truck.

Narrow Corridor Shelf System; The narrow corridor shelf system inside the storage racks is the ideal shelf system for storing and protecting large items in the smallest area at high places. However, it should be no more than 14 meters.

Moving Storage Rack System; It is a sort of back-to-back shelf system in which warehouses are installed on top of the employees where there is a need to move too much in areas where the work power is dynamic. For the warehouse shelves, one empty space is left in this system, the warehouse shelves are moved and the desired area is reached.

Shuttle System; It is a protection and storage shelf system that is built in the warehouse shelves with no space left with the stacked products on top of each other or with successive trucks. Depression is more resistant than other warehouse shelves. In addition, these storage racks are a shelf system that does not have to remove the other pallet to get the desired product.

Full Automatic Warehouse Shelf System; Ideal for warehouse shelves, where palletized products are used in areas with high entry and exit speeds.