Rail Shelf Systems: It provides a maximum of 60% savings on the floor according to the open shelving systems. The rubber seals attached to the edges of the walls protect the documents from dust. Due to the system being fully closed, the fire is least damaged compared to the open shelf systems. and since it is manufactured with a steering wheel box, it has an aesthetic and elegant appearance. The cabinets can be turned on and off by turning the steering wheel on them, as well as an electric, automatic system can be made if desired.

Technical İnformation

Group Feature Size Folder Capacity Capacity
Singles Single Sided Fixed 30/100/217 60 400 Kg
Singles Double Sided Fixed 60/100/217 120 800 Kg
Singles Double Sided Moving 60/100/217 120 800 Kg
Dual Single Sided Fixed  30/200/217 120 800 Kg
Dual Double Sided Fixed  60/200/217  240 1600 Kg
Dual Double Sided Moving  60/200/217  240 1600 Kg
Triple Single Sided Fixed  30/300/217  180 1200 Kg
Triple Double Sided Fixed  60/300/217 360 2400 Kg
Triple Double Sided Moving  60/300/217  360 2400 Kg
Quaternary Single Sided Fixed  30/400/217  240 1600 Kg
Quaternary Double Sided Fixed  60/400/217  480 3600 Kg
Quaternary Double Sided Moving  60/400/217  480 3600 Kg