Due to the fact that enterprises and institutions are growing and marketing opportunities for their products have increased, a certain need for warehouse has started to emerge. Especially the desire to keep and protect the products of businesses and institutions without harming has caused them to act for the best warehouse shelf. As Istanbul Raf Group, it is working to completely eliminate these needs with the materials, low prices and expert staff required for warehouse shelves.

High Altitude Reservoir Systems

The best shelf systems that can be used at high places as warehouse shelves are:

Dressing Shelving Systems

For the warehouse shelf, both storage and protection requirements are met, as well as the needs such as exterior and roof. These warehouses provide low space occupation by providing high level savings for the place to be used as well as for high places. Protection and storage machines such as Reachtruck are used.

Sliding Rack / Rear Throw Systems

Thanks to the pulley system that is arranged between the legs together with the legs which are arranged in a row and form a space, both the loading and unloading possibilities are provided. These warehouses have a separation system between the pallets ready for evacuation and the pallets behind. In this case, after the first pallet has been emptied, the second pallet becomes ready by this system. At the same time, the successive pallets have nothing to do with each other. No pressure can be a topic.

Mobile Shelving Systems

Thanks to the engine in the storage rack, it is a very useful system for storing and protecting products in small areas. However, stocking of the products according to the motor power is recommended. If the number of products is high, it should be moved according to the motor speed.

Low Altitude Storage Systems

The best shelf systems that can be used at low places for warehouse shelves are:

Sliding Shelves for Boxed Shelves

Products of all sizes are shelf systems that can work in accordance with the FIFO system of sliding shelves for orders as storage shelves for boxes.

Mezanin Type Shelving Systems

The small and large amount of storage required for warehouse shelves is a commonly used shelf system to save on the need for protection.

Order Preparation Rack Systems

This warehouse is a system with the breadth and depth of the shelves with load carrying capacity up to 4 tons in terms of usage.

Console Type Shelving Systems

This warehouse shelf has no limits on the dimensions of the products and provides ease of use inside or outside. Especially it is very common to store and protect long products.