rack systemsShelf systems offered by RafGrup for sale are manufactured in a very high quality. There are certain classifications in RafGrup shelf systems.

The first thing that comes to mind in terms of rack systems is rack systems specially designed for light or medium loads. Raf Group offers you the most convenient rack system for storage of small products in light or medium load shelf systems.

It has the unloading capacity of the shelf systems which makes it very convenient for the stacking of the products ie regulation. In light or medium load shelf systems, feet are found and combined with these stands form tables. Installation of these shelf systems is easy and installation is easy. It can be easily removed even when requested.

The most important reason for using shelving systems is that they can be easily stored and stored. There are many shelf systems besides these. These shelving systems offer great advantages with various properties in various areas.

Shelf Systems and Models

The most preferred shelf model for shelf systems is the warehouse shelf systems, or, in other words, heavy load pallets. The other is light or medium load systems that we have just mentioned. The shelf models covered by these are:

Examples include rubber shelves, shelving systems, shelves, special order shelves, rack systems, rack hangers, load shelf systems, railed cabinet systems, mezzanine shelf systems, hanger rack systems, stainless shelf systems and similar shelf systems.

Storage archives or other shelf systems are needed in all modern industrial cities today. Especially in places like Istanbul, the demand of the shelf systems is increasing in the industrial business facilities and similar places.

As RafGrup system, we produce the best quality and most beautiful shelf systems for you. Moreover, all of the rack systems that we produce are prepared in a way that is completely in accordance with the health. Because as a principle we never overlook the satisfaction of our customers’ health. If you want to have rack systems, you can contact us. You can use our experienced team information.