Steel shelf systems are among the most valuable shelf systems. Steel shelves are generally used as archive warehouse or warehouse shelves and can be confused.  Steel shelf models are longer lasting and more robust than other shelf models. Apart from this, there is economical conflict between the shelves in material terms.

Because of these, the interest in steel shelves is very big. Steel shelf systems are a shelf model system that is manufactured to a certain size, but in some cases, customers can place special orders to the firm.

We usually produce steel shelves, which we are producing as rack group company, with screwed system. Thus, these rack systems are more durable. In other words, these shelves, which can be shelves of archives, have attracted considerable interest today. The amount of cargo to carry steel shelves is very important. This is because the table size is adjusted.

Steel shelf systems are usually gray or black in color, but nowadays, estheticism has become more important with developing technologies and developments, and it has become colored.

Recently it is known to be highly preferred in sections such as filing or archiving.

Steel Shelf Models

When it comes to steel shelves, there are 2 shelf models in general. Of these, the folder is shelves, of course.  Archival shelf systems must be found in places where public institutions, libraries, schools and similar archives are important, especially in metropolises such as Istanbul. Thanks to this archive, ie the folder shelves, it is possible to save a great deal of space, especially in places like hospitals and archeological dynasties. These are indispensable

Another model is material shelves. The interest in the material shelves is very high. The reason is that they are durable and long lasting. Nowadays, archiving is the most commonly used 2. These shelf systems, which are generally preferred in large warehouses, are prepared carefully by the shelf group and are presented to the customers with high quality and customer satisfaction is adopted.

After using the paints used to color these shelves, the shelves are built with baking technique. Thus, customers never get hurt by you.