Portable ShelfPortable racks, shelving systems of Turkey’s rafgrup Our company offers innovative solutions to the needs; It meets the shelf needs in every sector with the shelf systems it produces in its factory in Istanbul.

Our company is working with experienced personnel and state-of-the-art devices to offer the best shelf solutions to customers at its production facilities in Istanbul. Our company, which uses first class raw materials in shelf systems, does not use any harmful products to human health while producing shelves. As RafGrup company, we provide you with all kinds of shelves in hotel restaurant, work place and houses with good quality and gentle service understanding.

We are serving not only large and fixed shelves but also portable shelves.

Portable Shelf Features

Portable shelf should be produced from quality materials as material. If the product is made of metal, it should be stainless steel. Even if it is made of wood or plastic, it must be produced from a quality material so that it can be used for many years.

Portable shelves can easily be cleaned. It should not stain.

In addition to all these features, the portable shelf should be designed to be easy to disassemble and install, giving the right to name. You should be able to easily dismantle the time you want and easily set up different areas.

You can contact our company to have a rack system with these features. So you can project your favorite portable shelves together and pass on your dreams.

What are Portable Shelf Usage Areas?

Portable shelf systems are installed very easily and if they are desired, they are removed very easily. Thanks to the bolts and nuts used to fasten the shelves, the shelf profiles hold together tightly, without swaying or slipping. In other words, the fact that the shelf system is designed as portable does not affect the efficiency you will receive from your shelf system. That’s why you can choose a portable rack system in every area you need to store and stack.

One important thing to note when choosing portable shelves is that your racking purpose is well defined. The portable shelf system should be manufactured from the proper material for your intended use. For example; baths, cold storage or bathrooms, you should choose a product that is resistant to rust and mold. Also, if you set your storage size according to the dimensions of the product, you can save both on-site and on-site costs. If you are in contact with our company, we design and install the most suitable rack models for you.