Personnel Locker Cabinet

Personnel locker cabinet : They are products of shelf systems that allow storage or storage of maximum product in a small area that extends the usage area. These products save up to 60% of the floor compared to open storage shelving systems. In this way, you can use the space in the most efficient way.

Personnel Locker Cabinet Technical Information

The rubber seals on the cabinet edges protect your clothes or products from dust. Personnel locker cabinet products can be closed by open shelf systems due to the ability to close the fire is less damaged. The system has an aesthetic and elegant appearance as it is manufactured with a hidden mechanism and steering box. The cabinets can be turned on and off by turning the steering wheel on them and the electrical, automatic system can be made as desired. Plexi door lockers are usually sufficient in stores. Because there are two three shifts in this workplace, cleaning standards in general. In addition, the plexiglass cabinets cannot be damaged as too many cleaning materials are used. However, with regard to food enterprises, a personnel locker should be selected very carefully to ensure that microorganisms do not grow and multiply. For this reason, mainly the firms prefer 4-door or two-door Steel lockers. Saves maximum space and increases capacity. Provides placement according to desired area type. A large corridor or space is left for staff to change clothes more comfortably.

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