pallet shelvesThere are many factors to choose pallet shelves. Especially as Istanbul Raf Group, considering these factors, it is possible to choose the most suitable shelf system. How much the price should be spent for pallet racks, how much is the space reserved for the use of pallet racks, how high is the height of the space, what type of pallet is used, how long is the pallet products needed, how long is the shelf life of the pallet products If there is no FIFO operating system, LIFO operating system is required, and how many storage items should be stocked is very important for the selection of pallet shelves. After finding answers to all these questions, the most suitable pallet rack systems are required;

To stock the product on the floor

Storing the floor for pallet shelves is one of the most primitive methods. The pallet shelves are lined behind and protected and stored. The advantage is that it is not possible to provide financial resources for a different equipment and the storage is high. The disadvantage is that each pallet is not personally accessible and the occupation of the area is excessive.

Backrest Pallet Shelves

The most commonly used pallet is between shelves. Supports feet and horizontal records where palletized products are stocked. Depending on the height of the space, it offers multiple rack floors for pallet racks. The advantage is that it provides cheaper investment and accessibility to all palette products than a very dense stocking solution. Compatible with FIFO or LIFO operating systems. The disadvantage is that the stocking density is low due to the space between pallet shelves.

Inside and Passage Track Shelves

It is a shelf system that allows the truck to be moved into pallet shelves. Palletized products are placed on specially shaped rails which are fixed. This way the front of the system remains exposed. The feet are connected to each other with the safety profiles so that the system is sound. The advantages are that the stocking is in high density and it is very cheap compared to sliding rack systems. The disadvantage is that not all palletized products are accessible, but the movement of the pallet truck in the system causes damage to the system.

Sliding Pallet Shelves System

With pallet racks, the output of palletized products is automatically provided with a slight incline by the reel system. But it is the ideal system for the same palette products. It is not recommended to use in stocking places where the product variety is different. It is compatible with the FIFO operating system. The advantage is that the stocking density is still high, the pallet width can be applied up to 20 times, and the stacking vehicle does not need to get into the system. The disadvantage is that access to each pallet is limited within the pallet shelves. Compared to other rack systems, it costs a lot.