Pallet Rack Models

Pallet Rack Models
Pallet Rack

Pallet rack models are a shelf system designed for the preservation and storage of pallet products and pallets in the form of weight. Pallet rack models are still composed of foot and horizontal recordings. In Istanbul Rafgrup, the use of feet for pallet shelves is determined according to the characteristics of the area and the horizontal records are combined according to the weight of the pallet products. This connection is provided with the help of bolts and hook connectors. It also has the possibility of dismantling.

Most ideal pallet rack models

Pallet racks are the most ideal use for pallet rack models, and the system is heavy rack pallet racking systems. Possible shelf systems that can be used in many areas such as automotive, industry, white goods, supermarket, etc. These areas are also easy to transport, safeguard and store heavy items. The distinguishing feature of heavy rack pallet shelving systems from other systems is the cross section and thickness of the feet. These features are different from other rack systems because the items to be transported on the pallet rack are heavy. It is also used in cross-sleeves to increase strength.

Heavy Rack Pallet Shelf System

In the system of heavy rack pallet rack models, the depths of the feet are not more than 105 centimeters. The height of the pallet rack is at most 6 meters. In addition, the height of the feet can be cut and worn as desired. The feet of heavy rack pallet rack models are OMEGA-shaped and are ideal for at least 2 millimeters, with a maximum thickness of 2.5 millimeters. It is necessary to fix the feet at the stage of installation. Horizontal records can be CC-profiled, box-profiled or NPI-shaped. This situation, however, varies depending on the weight. The thicknesses of the profiles vary from at most 3 millimeters to at least 2 millimeters. Steel tables are placed on the horizontal records as heavy loads are placed on top of the pallet rack. This should be done from the top right. Steel plates have a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. Widths range from 30 centimeters to 25 centimeters. This variability differs more so that the desired efficiency can be fully obtained. At the same time, the carrying volume of each pallet rack is 4500 kilos maximum.