Pallet shelf; are rack systems that are seated on legs and can carry very large weights with the help of carrier arms. Another feature of pallet shelves is that it takes up very high volumes and creates more storage and inventory space for you. This way you can create maximum storage space on a small scale and save money by creating huge storage areas for the economic budget. Cargo load account is made up of two kinds of specially made pallet rack systems as fixed pallet rack and sliding pallet rack. In the fixed pallet rack system, you can store your products at the desired height and carry them with special transport means. In the sliding pallet rack systems, the pallets are dynamic as they are placed on the rollers. The product slides down over the slope to the point where it will move. After loading and unloading, the pallet goes back to the first point. This method facilitates transport operations and provides you with the opportunity to save money economically and to obtain maximum efficiency from the warehouse area.

As the sliding pallet rack systems are made from the top or bottom of the loading rack, there is no space between the racks and these areas can be equipped with rack systems. This will allow you to create more inventory space. In addition, car loading and unloading between the racks is very risky, so it offers you a safe transportation. Pallet racks can be produced in the desired and required width. There is no production or installation limit here as the measurements will be completely customized. We can design the maximum shelf space you need as a Rack Group, we can provide pallet rack system with the plans and designs that will get maximum efficiency from warehouse area. You can leave your competitors behind with palette rack systems produced in the colors you want.