pallet shelfPallet racking is a popular method of palletizing, especially in large warehouses. Thanks to this method, it is possible to save considerably time, energy and cost. Moreover, this kind of method also makes it easy to arrange and control certain properties of the goods in the respective warehouse areas.

The most important infrastructure that can be easily transported by pallet is the pallet shelf. The basic structure of this shelf model is perfectly suited to the palette system. In this way, the load of rafting can be safely and quickly settled and the raft can be emptied at the same time.

If you are in Istanbul and you want to be able to easily store your light, medium or heavy loads in this area, you can get the best price by contacting RafGrup.

What type of pallet shelf solutions does RafGroup offer you?

The pallet shelf is a very general tab. We have to say that this shelf system can have considerable differences in terms of its usefulness and features in terms of operating area. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to consider the field of activity of the relevant business model. This will be the best solution.

In this direction;

  • What kind of sector is the activity area?
  • Which kind of goods will be used in the area
  • What kind of warehouse operations (counting, security check, etc.) will be done about the goods to be stowed
  • Whether or not our client has special requirements
  • The width of the activity area, the desired pallet shelf width for this area and the width that is ideal for this area

We offer a solution of “standard” or “special” quality, taking into account such criteria.

Istanbul Raf Companies Raf Manufacturing Prices

Our experienced team is very successful in providing pallet shelf solution suitable for any kind of space and we guarantee that your system will be completed in a short time with a perfect workmanship and assembly understanding. We need to communicate with us to calculate how much of this process will cost you. We will be able to provide you with the best price quotations for the information we will obtain with the preliminary information you will provide or the free preliminary analysis service you will request.