Package Loading Passing System Shelf: ideal for warehousing medium and small volume warehouse systems. It is suitable for stacking all kinds of goods which can be reached manually. The product is prepared in accordance with the desired measurements, providing ease of use and layout. This system is preferred in cases where the loading and unloading operations of stocked products are to be performed manually without any trucks. Package Loading Passing System Shelf,consists of tables laid on the main carriages (traverses) joined to the feet by hooks modularly. Due to the fact that the system has a snap-on structure and is portable, it allows the assembly to be done easily without requiring additional equipment.

Technical İnformation

Shelf depths are made according to the properties of the material to be placed on the heights and spacing. There is no deformation when the main carriers are traverses. The carrying capacity of one eye is 70 to 500 kg. Such light and medium load shelf systems are modular and compatible with other equipment, so they can be used to store materials in different sectors and in different specifications. For example, it can be used in various systems such as auto tire shelf, clothes hanger shelf, cable-coil shelf, fabric shelf, archive shelf. It is a system suitable for the construction of a suspended floor shelf.