Open shelf systems, which are increasingly being demanded decoratively today, are used both at home and in businesses, at work places. The open shelf systems which are starting to fill the place of large showcases are appealing for the aesthetic appearance and they are easy to install and transport. In addition, the Istanbul Raf Group adds a distinct atmosphere to the surroundings where it is used together with a nice decoration. Open shelf systems with very different varieties are both easy to assemble and economically affordable, which is why they are used quite often nowadays.

Things to Watch for in Open Shelf Systems Selection

When open rack systems are preferred, as always, the characteristics of the space, the height, the purpose for which the rack systems are used, what kind of items, products, and how much is to be spent on the shelves, how big is the space reserved for open shelf systems, products are preferred, and open rack systems require answers to questions such as the shelf life of the products, and how long shelf life the products will have.

At the same time, the open shelf systems that are considered for the home should be preferred in which room the house is to be used and the open shelf systems suitable for the decor and color of the house in general. In addition, the quality of the building material must be taken into consideration for the purpose of using open shelf systems at home.

Open Shelf Systems Used in Warehouses

Open shelf systems can also be used in places such as laboratories, cold storage rooms. The open shelf systems used in these areas have been produced from galvanized sheet and are used in a 200 degree baking after different dyeing process. It is used in stainless steel as required for open shelf systems, especially for cold storage warehouses. As standard, open shelf systems have a height of 1.9 meters. The width of each shelf is up to 1.2 meters. Because the open shelf systems are completely de-mounted, they are installed according to the features required by the system. The volume of transportation for each shelf can be up to 50 kilos. In special cases, however, the carrying capacity of the shelves is increasing with the ability to be supported at the bottom.