Narrow Corridor Shelf Systems

Narrow corridor shelf systems: shelf systems where heavy loads and palletized materials are stacked. Such systems consist of feet and sleepers. The feet are fixed to the height of the storage and are made up of the crossbars which are selected according to the weight of the pallets to be placed on them by means of hooked or bolted connectors. Such pallet shelves are fully assembled and de-assembled.

Narrow Corridor Shelf Systems Technical Information

Narrow corridor shelf systems are 105 cm in height according to standard pallets of foot depth. These systems, in order to install and discharge in a serial and safe way, both sides of the 7.5 cm from both sides of the sleepers. The rack systems are designed to make a completely safe loading unloading of crawler and heavy load. The feet are usually made of dark (navy, black) sleepers in eye-catching colors (yellow, orange). Thus, the element that uses the forklift is provided with more serial and safe operation. The length of the sleeper is usually 270 cm. 3 x 80 × 120 or 2 120 × 120 pallets are placed next to 270 cm sleepers. The traverse lengths are made different for 100 × 120 special pallets. If the pallets are heavy, the traverse lengths are shortened or the Traverse profiles are thickated to carry the load. The ground connection of the units is made with steel dowels. The system is secured by attaching the earthquake cross-connections. Mezzanine is a system suitable for shelf construction. Shelf placement principles are as follows.

  • Pallet dimensions
  • Width between two feet
  • 1 Pallet 2 Pallet 3 pallet
  • 80 × 120 cm 95 cm 185 cm 270 cm
  • 100 × 120 115 cm 225 cm 335 cm
  • 120 × 120 135 cm 270 cm 395 cm