Light medium load shelf systems are used in work areas, small workshops and machinery sector. The reason for the use of the product is the fact that the materials are arranged in a compact manner, that any tool is easy to find when called, and that the place looks visually stunning. Light medium load shelving systems are a must for working life. The benefits and facilities that you provide increase the work discipline. It has a widespread use in many sectors because of it. Light medium load shelf systems are used especially in paint production depots. The reason is that small work areas are made more visible. Light duty warehouse rack systems are manufactured from a variety of materials. The quality of these materials ensures that the shelf system made is long-lasting and easier to use.


The design of light to medium load shelf systems is made from very heavy materials. Shelf systems used in the stacking of medium-duty products are specially produced for the storage of styrofoam used especially for insulation of glass types and facades of buildings. Lightweight medium-duty warehouse rack systems are used to store products that are located in the lower branches of the heavy industry and that do not constitute a load in terms of material. These systems are manufactured from steel materials of ST 37, ST 44 and ST 52 standard. The thickness of these cut-finished steel materials ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters. The other hair thicknesses are between 0.7 and 1.20 and the thickness of the shelf is determined according to the load it is carrying. The selected steels are produced from DKP, SAC and GALVANIZ materials. Carrier sleepers are designed from ST 37 and ST 44 materials. The materials used in the production of light medium duty warehouse rack systems vary according to the area of ​​use of the product. For example, the shelf systems used in the paint shop are different from the shelf systems used in plastic workshops. In particular, workshops on fire, water and flammable materials use shelf systems manufactured from thick profiles. Separate shelf systems are produced for the storage of heavy duty warehouse materials and light duty warehouse materials. These rack systems are manufactured according to the dimensions and measures determined by international standards. Thus, the lightweight medium-duty shelf systems vary in their ease of use in every sector