Mezzanine Floor Shelf Systems

Mezzanine floor shelf systems are manufactures of high-rise storage for loading and collecting with manpower. Mezzanine storage shelf systems are used in archiving and storage in two ways. Archive shelf systems; folders and documents are properly boxed, these boxes are placed on the shelves. The issue that should be considered here is the use of small sized boxes in a single row and in archives which are considered as 3 meters maximum. In this system known as mezzanine shelf system, the shelf system is also used as a platform.

Mezzanine Floor Shelf Systems Technical Information

Maximum storage is provided as the entire height of the storage area is used. Mezzanine warehouse racking systems The walkways between the floors and the platforms are covered with materials such as grating sheet, flat sheet, MDF and chipboard. The upper floors are made by a staircase between the entrance and exit units. A safe and secure working environment is provided by mounting the railing at the end of the walkways and on the platforms. In two or more storey systems, crane (elevator) system can be installed near the main entrance in order to remove the materials to the upper floor and to easily lower the lower floor. Water and gas fire extinguishing systems can be easily applied. The system has fully assembled and de-assembled features and can be moved to other places if desired.