Metal shelf systems are used in factories, warehouses and small workshops. The designs vary according to the area to be used. Metal shelf systems are used to store goods in the warehouse in a regular manner. It is particularly beneficial in terms of increased use of small areas. Metal shelf systems have a solid and durable construction. The reason for this is the metals used in their production. Metal has been found many years ago and has been developed thanks to today's technology. Having a particularly hard structure is an effect that extends the useful life of the design on which it is applied. Metal shelf systems are assembled in a nutshell and welded. Although the dismantling of welded assemblies is a little more difficult, it is healthier than bolted installations.


The construction of metal shelf systems is done by cutting the sheets in the form of rolls according to the desired dimensions. These cut pieces are drilled according to the shelf space, the shelf length and the size of the desired shelf system. After these holes are opened, bending and bending operations are carried out. These operations are performed in the format desired by the user. Plastics material or bolts are needed to use the metal shelves comfortably. Metal shelf systems are manufactured in the size and design that the buyer desires. The aesthetic appearance of metal shelves, whose thickness or length also changes, is also very important. The bolts used to assemble all parts must be well-tight and water-resistant. The profiles used in metal shelf systems must be painted. The reason is to prevent the rusting that may occur in the future.


Metal shelf systems provide an advantage to the area in which they are used. The first result of these systems is that the manufactured shelves can be removed again at any time and assembled in another area. This is even easier for rack-mounted systems with a bolt-on assembly process. Although it has a large structure, the disassembly process is quite simple. Another advantage of metal shelf systems is the use of cheap workmanship, durability and long life. Metal shelf systems can be used in many areas easily. It is also manufactured in a structure suitable for many different storage operations.