Metal Shelf

Metal shelf systems used in businesses and workplaces are of great importance in terms of storage and safe storage of goods. These shelf systems provide both efficient use of storage areas and facilities provided during transport; In other words, it is very valuable in terms of labor and time savings. Therefore, the right choice of metal shelves to be preferred in enterprises will make business owners profitable. The most preferred among the shelves used in enterprises are the types of metal shelves. Metal is a durable substance that provides long term usage in terms of being durable.

Metal Shelf Systems

Taking into account the weight to be loaded onto the shelves during storage and storage, it provides a durable and long-lasting use. Metal shelf models are produced in gray as standard but can be colored according to your request. Metal shelf systems models are most likely to be used in stores in archival systems and in areas where paper circulation circulations are high. Thus, we usually see metal shelves in file cabinets and cartotex cabinet models. The models of these shelves consist of shelf profile rack tray and plastic base. This plastic base is intended to prevent contact with the floor from contact with moisture and water. These shelves are very economical in addition to these positive features. Between the shelving system prices you can find the most suitable shelves among your metal shelves. These rack systems that maximize the space and fit the most products in the maximum space are generally used in file, folder archiving, grocery stores and light and medium load products.

Metal Shelf Technical Information

Carrying Capacity for Metal Shelf Tables
22 26 31 43 59 75 93
60 0,70mm 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg
75 85 Kg 80 Kg 75 Kg 70 Kg
93 75 Kg 70 Kg 65 Kg 60 Kg
60 1,00mm 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
75 90 Kg 85 Kg 80 Kg
93 85Kg 85 Kg 85Kg
60 1,20mm 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg
75 110 Kg 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg
93 105 Kg 100 Kg 95 Kg 90 Kg 85 Kg
60 1,50mm 130 Kg 125 Kg 120 Kg
75 120 Kg 115 Kg 110 Kg
93 115 Kg 110 Kg 105 Kg