Metal shelf materials were started to be used in glass, beer and brick factories in 1625. Later, various technologies and leading companies in the sector started to be used in iron casting operations. Metal shelf has become a sine qua non material in the production of shelf systems with its wide use of materials. Metal shelves have been actively used in many areas, ie factories, schools, workshops and offices. The metal shelf is formed by cutting the package with the DKP feature and the different dimensions of the roll. Due to the application of drilling and bending processes on these metals, the appearance of the shelf is obtained. The most important reasons for the preference of metal shelves are that they are used for many years, they are robust and they carry heavy loads easily. The carrying of shelves varies depending on the weight and characteristics of the loads of the plans. These changes are the diameter of the holes on the shelves and the different cuts. There must be profile feet with the same characteristics that enable the use of metal shelves. Metal shelves are mounted to the holes on these feet with the help of welding or bolt-nuts. The thickness of the hair used in metal racks is of great importance for the transport of the product and for its durability. The hair thickness used in the shelves is 0.7 millimeter denier and up to 2 millimeters. The holes in the metal racks vary according to the length and thickness of the metal. The same change also affects the space used on the shelves, the length of the load and the profile it is carrying. The holes of standard metal shelves are produced in different sizes such as 26, 31, 43, 75, 93, and 60 centimeters. The dimensions of the profiles used in the lengths of the metal shelves are designed as 200, 250 and 300 centimeters. Shelf tables can be installed in desired length and height. At the same time, the distance between the shelves can also be adjusted at desired intervals.
The plastic foot is applied to the profile feet that come into contact with the floor in metal rails. These plastics enable the active use of the mechanism of metal shelves over time. It also prevents scratching the floor during the movement of metal modules. Racks and metal profiles must be thoroughly degreased and rustproofed before being painted. The reason for doing this is to prevent the metal shelves from rusting and decay after a short period of time. Additional information is 7046 grid with standard color RAL color used for painting metal shelves.