It is difficult to decide which shelf system is best for the storage space. The size and weight of your storage products are the most important factors affecting the choice of storage rack system. Raf Group, which provides professional services in this regard, offers you the most suitable warehouse shelf system economically by getting information about the measurements and weights of the products that will come from your storage area and store them in the storage area. The metal shelf systems within the Raf Group are a shelf system that forms a professional warehouse area with very high carrier characteristics and is easy to install. With metal shelf systems you can turn it into a bulk storage area as you like and it is very resistant to natural disasters like earthquake. Shelf has maximum security as security and ensures safe storage of products. Shelf systems are shelf systems with different features that you can use as a shelf system that you can use in every area, as well as metal shelf systems that offer alternative solutions to you when you want them outside the metal shelf. If your depository creates adverse conditions for the metal properties of the product, you may prefer wooden shelves on metal shelves and store your products under the right conditions.

Rack Group; is a rack company that offers you the right solutions with the most economical way with the right and professional metal shelf systems with a wide range of products. Raf offers the right solutions for you in other rack and warehouse systems such as Raf group metal shelf systems which is the most accurate address for reliable metal shelf systems you will need as a professional company that manufactures and installs shelf up to the most remote corner of the country, especially Istanbul. With the professional staff and innovative ideas that you would prefer for metal rack systems and more, you will bring you in front of your competitors in the sector