Manual Loading Shelf Systems

Manual loading shelf systems: are the most ideal storage shelf systems for storage of medium and small volume products. Suitable for stacking of all kinds of goods that can be reached manually. It is prepared in desired dimensions for your product, provides ease of use and order. This system is more preferred in cases where the unloading operations of stocked products are desired to be performed manually without any truck.

Manual Loading Shelf Systems Technical Information

Modularly formed by the legs placed on the main carriers (traverse) that are attached to the feet with the hook. The system has a plug-in structure and it is portable, so that the assembly can easily be done without the need of additional equipment. Since the main carriers are traverse, there is no deformation. The carrying capacity of an eye is 70 to 500 kg. This type of light and medium load racking systems are modular and compatible with other equipment and can be used to store materials in different sectors and in different properties. For example, it can be used in various systems such as auto tire shelves, clothes hanger shelves, cable-coil shelves, fabric shelves, archive box shelves. It is a system suitable for the construction of suspended storey shelves.