Lightweight and medium load rack systems

Light and medium load racking systems
Shelf Systems

Light and medium load shelf systems are known as systems in storage systems that are easy to reach by hand, and all kinds of goods and goods that are stacked and stored on a regular basis. Light and medium load shelf systems allow you to stack and arrange products accurately and professionally, as well as ease of use and save you labor. We also make it easy to stock your products and make stock control correctly and reliably, as we have made it possible for your company to economically save with light and medium load shelf systems we produce as RafGrup. Because stock control is a very important factor in building a firm’s confidence in customers, you can leave behind your competitors by providing the right racking systems and customer satisfaction with the right preferences, both on product stability and stocks.

Lightweight medium load shelf systems models

Light and medium load shelf systems nowadays; e-commerce sites are used as order shelves, as building material shelves, as glass shelves, as accessory display shelves, as archive shelves. With light and medium load shelf systems, which are especially preferred as archive shelves and ideal for file widths, you will also be able to secure documents and files safely at very affordable costs. Lightweight and medium-duty shelf systems, tailored for the logistics industry, provide you with the convenience of being able to install at the height you want while having the durability, stability and features that protect your products. Offering the opportunity to install at high altitudes and shelves at your desired height with the high access ladder, it fully meets your needs and economically saves you money. As RafGrup we offer you professional services with all storage systems.